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Jerry Brockman

Jerry Brockman

"An obituary was never written for Jerry Brockmen and I felt this needed to be corrected at least for our web site.  Therefore, I contacted some of Jerry’s family members for information and through some additional research put together a short obituary or narrative of his life.  No one had specific dates or information after his time in California. "  Carl Hansen

Jerry Davide Brockman was born February 25, 1943 in Tremonton, Utah to Maurine Mason and Kai Brockman.  He died June 3, 2006 in Rio Dulce, Guatemala at the age of 63.

He attended Garland Elementary, Bear River Jr high and Bear River high school where he broke the region record in the breast stroke his senior year at the regional swim meet.  He was also selected as one of Bear River High School’s Raew Bears. 

After high school he went on a mission to the Northern States where he spent most of his time in Chicago and Milwaukee. After his mission in 1965 he attended college at Dixie State Jr. Collage (now Dixie State University) where he met Ilene Burgess from Roy, Utah.  They were married Aug 4, 1965 and later divorced in 1970 with no children. He attended Utah State University, Weber State and the University of Utah for  short periods of time and then ended up getting a BA degree at UNLV in Los Vagus, Nevada. He moved to California where he and Ilene were divorced.  He did some graduate work in Criminal Justice at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calf. and then decided to enter the Los Angeles Police Academy where he was the Valedictorian and became part of the Los Angeles Police Department.

He married Diane and they had 2 children Bradford Jerry Brockman and Scott Kai Brockman. They later divorced. He found that working for the LAPD was dangerous and trying work and after several years of chasing bad guys he got beat up so badly that it nearly cost him his life. Among other physical problems, his back was permanently injured which caused some pain the rest of his life.  He ended up taking disability and then acquired a sail boat with the goal to sail around the world.  By 1986 he had  been divorced 4 times, lived in 77 countries and sailed over 14,000 miles (see the 1986 25 year class reunion memories). He continued as a “Sea Captan” for several years. During this time he met and married Suzanna and finally settled in Guatemala owning and operating a tropical resort with lodging, marina and restaurant in Rio Dulce (a lake and river system  in western Guatemala). This is a tourist area close to the Caribbean Sea. 

After Suzanna passed away he continued to operate his resort, He was thinking of naming it after her. I don’t know if he ever did. After his mom Maurine died in June of 2000, his father Kai went to Guatemala to stay with Jerry and ended up dying  a short time later in Dec. of 2000.  At the time of Jerry’s death his brother Jay had passed away and his sisters Peggy and Jeanne had also passed away. Surviving were sisters Ellen Lewis and Sandy Johnson and a brother Leo Brockman.  Jerry was cremated and his ashes scattered over Rio Dulce, Guatemala on June 6th 2006.  Jerry was a good descriptive writer and planed to write a book or at least memoirs of his exploits  but I don’t think that ever happened.